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Female Police in UN Mission

Bangladesh, being the top contributor of female police officers to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations as Formed Police Unit, has become the crucial partner in the transition from war to peace. Bangladesh female peacekeepers have placed themselves as key driving force to reduce gender-based violence, conflict and confrontation, providing sense of security especially for women and children, mentoring female police officer in the local area and thus empowering women in the host country and promoting social cohesion. 

Presently 123 female officers from Bangladesh working in different Peace keeping Mission helping United Nations towards its goal of having 20 percent of women employee in its recruitment system. Bangladesh female Police Officers are working in 04 UN peace keeping Operations including Darfur, Mali,DR Congo and South Sudan ‍and Libya . Responding to the challenges in implementing the UN Mandate in the field of gender issues, women and children affairs, Bangladesh Police has sent 1 (one) Women FPUs in Congo (MONUSCO).

Bangladesh female police officer with its name and fame has established themselves as the role model in the community of the Mission area. Consequently, the demand for Bangladesh Female Police Officer is increasing day by day in the UN peace keeping operations.

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