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Sacrifice in Action in 2014

List of Sacrifice In Action Year 2014
Sl Brief description and date of death Picture
1 Constable/2939 Abdur Rahman


While on duty Abdur Rahman
succumbed to death on 08/12/2014.

2 Constable/1175 Ajit Kumar Sen

RMP, Rajshahi

While on duty Ajit Kumar Sen
succumbed to death on 12/05/2014.

3 SI (UB)/139 Kamal Hosen

Rangamati District

While on duty Kamal Hosen
succumbed to death on 21/11/2014.

4 SI (UB)/2499 Mahfuzur Rahman

CMP, Chittagong

While on duty Mahfuzur Rahman
succumbed to death on 29/09/2014.

5 Constable/733 Sekh Kolim Ahmed

Jessore District

While on duty Sekh Kolim Ahmed
succumbed to death on 23/10/2014.

6 Constable/273 Bishojit Torofder

Highway Comilla

While on duty Bishojit Torofder
succumbed to death on 15/09/2014.

7 Constable/982 Farhad Mia

Comilla District

While on duty Farhad Mia
succumbed to death on 22/10/2014.

8 Constable/678 Lutfor Rahman

Kustia District

While on duty Lutfor Rahman
succumbed to death on 04/12/2014.

9 Constable/555 Monjurul Hasan

Luxmipur District

While on duty Monjurul Hasan
succumbed to death on 13/10/2014.

10 SI (UB)/ Noor Mohammad Sikder

SMP, Sylhet

While on duty Noor Mohammad Sikder
succumbed to death on 07/09/2014.

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