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Online Police Clearance Certificate

Necessary information about Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

A PCC seeker has to apply with an application addressing Superintendent of Police or Police Commissioner of metropolitan police.
1. The application addressing SP/ Commissioner will be on a white paper sheet. [Footnote 1]

2. Photocopy of the passport attested by a first class gazetted officer. [Footnote 2]

3. Main copy of a treasury chalan worth Tk 500 in favour of code 1-2201-0001-2681 from any branch of Bangladesh Bank/ Sonali Bank. [Footnote 3]

4. PCC seeker must be the resident according to the present or permanent address mentioned in the passport and the addresses must remain under the jurisdiction of the district concerned or metropolitan police.

5. Those who stay abroad will be able to apply for PCC by his/her relative, and his/her photocopy of Passport must be attested  by the officer concerned of embassy/high commission.[Footnote 4]

6. If Machine Readable Passport [MRP] does not bear address, the person concerned will provide photocopy of National ID card/birth certificate/ certificate from ward councillor concerned. Photocopy will be attested by the first class gazetted officer.[Footnote 5]

7. Those who will seek PCC for Spain will have to submit three passport size photos in addition to aforesaid documents to immigration section-3 of the Home Ministry, addressing the Secretary to the ministry.

8. DMP, for its service seekers, will provide a token bearing a serial number and date, and PCC seeker will have to collect the PCC according to the date mentioned in token.

9. The office of SP and Commissioner concerned will provide certificate after receiving  the prayer for PCC.

10. Foreigners or people, bearing foreign passport, will be able to collect PCC by submitting aforesaid documents. They themselves or their designated person can submit the documents for collecting the PCC.
The PCC application must be submitted to the SP or Commissioner concerned according to the address mentioned in the Passport. PCC application may be in Bangla or in English but all PCC will be in English and be attested by the officials concerned in the foreign ministry.
1.  Specimen copy of PCC application form to SP/Commissioner. Click for Bangla Form  or Click here for English Form
2. Applicant must submit the copies of passport which bear the particulars of the applicant and if the passport is renewed, the     pages used for renewal will be submitted alongside. Expired passport will not be allowed. If necessary, the authority will ask for main passport.
3. Use of fluid or scrubbing will not be allowed in the column for bank code no-1-2201-0001-2681.
4. If there is any change in address or police station mentioned in the passport, get it correct in the passport and submit the attested copy of the passport.
5. The present address of applicant must match with that mentioned in national ID card/ birth certificate/ certificate from ward Councilor.


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