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Police Cyber Support For Women

Police Cyber Support for Women – PCSW is all women cyber support service by Police Headquarters, Bangladesh Police. Inspector General of Police Dr. Benazir Ahmed, BPM (BAR) inaugurated this service at 16th November, 2020. Police Cyber Support for Women (PCSW) provides assistance in taking necessary legal action pertaining cyber-crimes committed against woman. It extend necessary technological support to women victims of cyber-crime. From the day of inauguration, it promotes and disseminates cyber security related awareness. PCSW ensure confidentiality of victim's information while providing assistance.


Vision: To promote a tech savvy environment for women in cyberspace.


Mission: To provide necessary legal and technological assistance exclusively to female victims in cyber space and to enhance cybersecurity related awareness.

Growing number of complaints suggests that women are feeling more comfortable in availing assistance from female officers. As the first responder, PCSW offers necessary advice and legal assistance to victims, depending on their need. Female officers provide necessary counselling to cyber victims, whenever necessary. For legal assistance, PCSW connects victims to nearby police station, suitable police unit or victim support center and coordinate the investigation procedure.






Hotline: 01320000888

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