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Procurement or Tender Notice

List of Procurement Or Tender Notice
SL Title Tender Opening Date Closing Date Attachment Download file
101 Purchase of POS Printer for Ration Management Software(ICT, PHQ, Dhaka) 14-02-2024 14-02-2024 View Download
102 Invitation for e-Tender (Equipment, PHQ, Dhaka,) 19-02-2024 28-01-2024 View Download
103 To Purchase of Generator 300 KVA Generators Stationary and Mobile 50 KVA,--- (Equipment, PHQ, Dhaka) 12-02-2024 12-02-2024 View Download
104 Purchase of Explosive Storage Magazine, Detonator Container & EOD Disposal Robot for BD Police (Equipment, PHQ, Dhaka) 11-03-2024 11-03-2024 View Download
105 Design, Supply and Installation of 150 feet 3-Legged Self-Supporting Tower(Police Telecom, Dhaka) 29-02-2024 29-02-2024 View Download
106 Corrigendum of International Tender, (Telecom, Dhaka) 01-02-2024 01-02-2024 View Download
107 Purchase of Oracle Database for Data center.(ICT, PHQ, Dhaka) 28-02-2024 28-02-2024 View Download
108 Purchase of Desktop Computer for Computer Lab, Police Hospital & UPS.(ICT, PHQ, Dhaka) 08-02-2024 08-02-2024 View Download
109 Purchase of Lot-1: License Renewal and Con service of SAN Switch and Con and support service for PowerEdge MZ740c server, (ICT, PHQ, Dhaka) 20-02-2024 20-02-2024 View Download
110 Purchase of Lot-2: ICT Equipment for BD Police Data Center, (ICT, PHQ, Dhaka) 15-02-2024 15-02-2024 View Download
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